Pizza at home as in pizzeria? Now it’s possible with the new Gi.Metal Classica pizza peel!

For over thirty years Gi.Metal has been designing and manufacturing pizza peels and other professional accessories for the restaurant world. This experience has led to the development of a range of products to help those who want to make a quality pizza at home. The Amica line is designed for pizza makers looking for tools that facilitate the preparation of an excellent pizza to enjoy with the family. Quality, light, handy tools, yet preserving a refined and pleasant aesthetic.

From today, Amica Line welcomes a new must-have tool, for any homemade pizza passionate: the new Classica pizza peel!


The peel is the tool for placing the pizza inside the oven and take it out once cooked, safely and quickly, without spillage or risk of burns.
Classica pizza peel is made in aluminum, a sanitizable material, very easy to clean, light and handy.


The shape of the peel is ideal for cooking pizzas up to 13’’ in diameter and the size is designed to be used in traditional home ovens of all types (electric, gas or domestic wood ovens).
The handle is only 10’’ long, making the tool really handy and space saving!


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Bake pizzas and leavened products in your home oven using the peel like professional pizza chefs!
Choose the Classica and amaze your friends with the best homemade pizza.

Find out more about Classica pizza peel following this link , and enjoy with super pizza parties at home!