Tripizza: The complete kit by Gi.Metal for making pizza at home!

Gi.Metal, over 30 years symbol of the Made in Italy excellence for the manufacturing of professional pizza tools, has a news for homemade pizza lovers! The homemade pizza has now read more

An interview with Audrey Kelly

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An Interview with Adam Elzer

  If we had to describe Adam Elzer in three words, we would say, “Pizza for Change”. Our team had interviewed Elzer mid-May, when COVID-19 was still on everyone’s minds and the read more

An Interview with Pandemic Pizza

    In this time of uncertainty, it’s refreshing to find stories of chefs adapting to the challenges of our world’s pandemic and rising above them.  Meet Brandon Sloan and read more

An Interview with Leo Spizzirri

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An Interview with Pasquale Cozzolino

  Chef Pasquale is a man not so easily defeated. Once starting from humble beginnings, Pasquale Cozzolino made his way from Naples, right after the economic downturn in Italy and read more

Gi.Metal makes it Gold: the unique pizza peel that kills bacteria

The pizza peel is one of the symbolic tools that is traditionally associated with the pizza maker; here at Gi.Metal we like to say that "our peels have been designed to be the read more

An Interview with Vito Iacopelli

  With the rise of social media and YouTube, everything you’ve wanted to know is only a click away. Have you dreamed about making your own pizza dough at home? How important is read more

Gi.Metal at your side

As you may have seen in the news, Italy is experiencing an exceptional and unexpected moment of difficulty due to the Covid-19 virus. Restaurants are closed by law for the next read more

An Interview with Tara Hattan

  On April 28th of last year, hundreds of pizzaiolos hailing from all over the nation traveled to Toledo, Ohio, in hopes of becoming the next representatives for The United read more