The Vera Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games are coming!

There is a huge variety of pizza in the world; it changes not just from a country to another, but even between nearby cities.
However, there is only one kind of pizza in the world that has been formally defined: the Neapolitan pizzaNo coincidence that just over a year ago, the Neapolitan pizza maker have been recognised as UNESCO heritage.

Pizza Napoletana

The AVPN (Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana) that knows it firsthand, in 2019 turns 35 and for this special occasion has organized the AVPN Olympic Games, an intercontinental challenge in the name of tradition and passion!

The event, dedicated to the enhancement and protection of Made in Italy excellence, from pizza to general special gastronomy categories, will be held during the AVPN international convention, from 8th to 10th July in Naples at the Capodimonte headquarters.
Here  AVPN Members Pizzerias and the Pizza-makers from four continents, will contend for the ‘Olympic medals both individually and by countries, a world competition divided into five disciplines: "Vera Pizza napoletana" "Gourmet", passing through the "gluten free", "Pizza fritta" up to the "Mastunicola".

Vera Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games

The competition will not be reserved just to AVPN members throughout the five continents, but it will be opened also to under 35 non AVPN members pizza makers, will compete with Margherita and Marinara.
For this category will be organized selections around the world so that only few winners will get to Naples, three for each stage.

The tour for the Olympic selections moved around the world, starting from Brazil to Italy passing twice through the United States .

East Coast American Tour Olympic Games Preliminary Rounds

The first USA selection took place in East Coast on April 15th, at the Pizza University in Beltsville (MD) inside the Marra Forni HQ.
Here, after a careful selection supervised by an AVPN jury, were already declared the three winners with the right to participate to the final neapolitan match.


West Coast American Tour Olympic Games Preliminary Rounds

The second stage of the American selection will be organized at the Accademia della Pizza Napoletana (VPN Americas HQ) in  Los Angeles on June 13th.
in order to help young competitors participating to the Games, the winners of each intermediate stage will be rewarded as follows:

1st place - A round-trip ticket (US Main International airport - Naples)
+ a stay in Naples from July 7 to 10

2nd place - A round-trip ticket (US Main International airport - Naples)

3rd place - A stay in Naples from July 7 to 10.

Discover with us who will be the winners of these last USA Selections!