Vera Pizza Day, Sunday 17 January 2021

Gi.Metal will be alongside the pizza makers as a technical sponsor.

vera pizza day gimetal

13 countries involved, 13 different languages ​​including Arabic, Korean, Thai and a grand closing in Neapolitan language. A global event to celebrate Vera Pizza Day on the day that celebrates pizza-makers. And for the first time a pizza masterclass in sign language!

From Naples to Naples, on a world tour that will last 24 hours and that will stop in 13 countries with 17 masterclasses that will see the True Neapolitan pizza as protagonist. This is the program of the first edition of Vera Pizza Day, the global event with which AVPN will celebrate, on Sunday 17 January, the Sant’Antuono feast, patron saint of pizza-makers, which can be followed by connecting to the AVPN Facebook page or to the Gi.Metal one.

The aim is to tell and promote pizza, one of the most loved products in the world and to do so by engaging fans from all over the world who will be able to connect, during the streaming marathon, and follow one of the many lessons that will see as protagonists some of the most important Maestri pizza-makers of the various continents.
Just get ½ liter of water, 1 kg of 00 flour, fresh brewer's yeast, salt, peeled tomato, fiordilatte or mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and basil and get ready to follow the advice of some of the greatest pizza interpreters to be able to bake a product with all the trimmings.

“An unprecedented non-stop - comments Antonio Pace, AVPN President - which is the result of years of work and promotion around the world. Only some time ago it would have been unthinkable to hypothesize such an event, with lessons held by professionals trained in our school, having cities like Los Angeles, Istanbul, Cairo, Marseille, Tokyo and Melbourne as theater. With the Association we have managed, in over 35 years of activity, to create a network well rooted in all continents and which sees in the promotion of true Neapolitan pizza a common thread that unites different peoples, histories and cultures ".

And it is in fact a real journey around the world that can be witnessed on Sunday 17 January. Start at midnight between Saturday and Sunday with the lighting of the Sant'Antuono fire at the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) offices in Capodimonte and then, over the next 24 hours, stops in Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, France (with two appointments), again Italy, Poland, Brazil, South America, the United States and then return to Naples for the final greetings.

As part of the initiative, will be promoted a fundraiser for the creation of the work dedicated to the art of the Neapolitan pizza-maker signed by the Maestro Lello Esposito; a tangible symbol to celebrate the 2017 recognition, with which UNESCO has included this art in the category of intangible heritage of humanity.

“And we will see a lot of humanity on Sunday 17 January - concludes Pace - with many intense moments. Among these I like to remember the first pizza masterclass in Arabic, held by our student Dareen Akkad; and the appointment from the East Coast of the United States, with the group of the "Mozzeria” pizzeria, a team made up exclusively of deaf-mute guys who will lead the lesson using sign language ".

Gi.Metal will be partner and technical sponsor together with international partners such as Molino Dallagiovanna, Molino Denti, Molino Caputo, Latteria Sorrentina, Molino Bongiovanni and Manna Forni.

The Vera Pizza Day will be conveyed by the Facebook pages of the partners, delegations, associates and communities of “I Love Italian Food” and “Ooni”.

You can consult the program of the day here or here below:

vera pizza day gimetal
Gi.Metal awaits you its Fb page to follow the event together, and gather everyone to celebrate the most loved symbol of Made in Italy: pizza!