Tripizza: The complete kit by Gi.Metal for making pizza at home!

Gi.Metal, over 30 years symbol of the Made in Italy excellence for the manufacturing of professional pizza tools, has a news for homemade pizza lovers!

The homemade pizza has now become a passion for many people around the world: tutorials of the most famous pizza makers are much followed on various online platforms, the search of high quality ingredients for the dough and of healthy and tasty seasonings has become subject of discussion and comparison.

There is nothing left, then, to introduce you the latest news at Gi.Metal’s home:

Tripizza, the complete kit for preparing pizza at home, made up of peel, small peel, brush and a handy base that allows to keep all the tools well organized.

Tripizza comes from the Amica Line, always characterized by its vibrant orange color, renewing with a more defined identity thanks to the new dedicated logo and a mission focusing more and more on the amateur pizza maker’s needs.


But the news doesn’t end here, Tripizza comes out on the market with a custom box and a dedicated packaging, studied in details to be attractive and to immediately present all the details of the product.

But what are the characteristics of the Tripizza kit? Let’s find out together.

Thanks to the Amica Line, Gi.Metal meets all the homemade pizza fans, offering tools born from the experience and technology of the professional world, declined for domestic needs, at a favorable price.

The Tripizza kit is perfect for small and medium size domestic ovens, both electric and wood-fired, both outdoor and indoor.
The minimal but refined design makes it suitable to fit any type of environment.

The Tripizza kit is made up of:

  • Placing peel with stainless steel rectangular head and aluminum handle. The head-handle junction is given by 3 large rivets in line that guarantee safety and stability. The oval tubular handle favors a comfortable and stable grip and prevents rotation. The head size is 12'' or 13'' depending on your choice.
  • Small turning peel in stainless steel to check, turn and take the pizza out of the oven, highly resistant, with 8'' head.
  • Brush for the oven cleaning, aluminum handle and brass bristles and adjustable head. The brass bristles allow an efficient and easy cleaning of the refractory stone from food residues, flour or ash. Thanks to the adjustable head you can reach and clean any part of the oven.
  • Freestanding tools holder base in aluminum and stainless steel embellished with the lasered logo “Amica by Gi.Metal”. The base allows you to keep all the tools well organized and at hand.

The kit is available in 2 sizes:

  • With tools total length 35'' (and peel head Ø 12'')
  • With tools total length 47'' (and peel head Ø 13'')


Keeping the tools well organized won’t be a problem any longer, thanks to this kit that contains the quality of a 100% Made in Italy product, conceived for all the homemade pizza amateurs aspiring to a professional result!

Come and find out the Tripizza kit and the renewed Amica Line by Gi.Metal.