#StorieDiPizzaioli at World Pizza Championship 2019

[Parma, April 9-11]

Only a few days separate us from the 28th edition of the Pizza World Championship.
The Palacassa of Parma will open its doors to an army of 775 pizza makers from 42 countries, for three days made not only of competitions but also of high education and emotions.

Over the years Gi.Metal has interpreted the important innovations that have changed both the way to make pizza and the art of pizza maker, creating innovative solutions to support pizza makers in their every challenge, without ever neglecting what is the basis of their work, passion.


#MadewithPassion is the claim that accompanies the latest advertising campaign by Gi.Metal, to underline how the work of skilled workers is marked by Passion, the same used by the pizza makers for the realization of their masterpieces of taste.

Passion is the theme of the #StorieDiPizzaioli project that we will present during the Parma Championship.

Between one match and the other the pizza makers will be invited to our stand to tell us how their passion for pizza was born, how they approached this world, when they decided to do this work.

Share your story, voice your emotions with #StorieDiPizzaioli.


To be the protagonist of our story the rules are simple:

1) Tell us in a short video-interview about your passion for pizza

2) Search your video on Gi.Metal’s social networks Facebook  and Instagram.

3) Tag yourself and share your story with friends, with the hashtag #StorieDiPizzaioli.