The Pinsa Romana with the pizza peel by Gi.Metal

Pinsa Romana

What is the pinsa romana?

Pinza romana was born in 2001 in Rome, Thanks to the experience and passion of Corrado di Marco well known technic pizzaiolo.

Popular and exported all over the world (as from the Ristorazione italiana article "The pinsa romana: the product that is changing the pizza world" up to day we count more than 5000 Pinserias) the pinsa romana is recognized and appreciated for its unicity, both from a quality point of view and for its digestibility Thanks to the mix of Flours and the high hydratation.


What features must the Pinsa Romana have?

According to its creators the shape of the pinsa romana must rigorously be oval or rectangular but not round, with crunchy edges and soft inside and must ne highly digestible Thanks to the mix of Flours (wheat, soy and rice) and the different technics of rising and hydratation. The dough needs specific working that must be respected.

pinsa romana

The ideal peel by Gi.Metal for the pinsa romana

Gi.Metal responds since ever To the needs of pizzaiolos using not only quality ingredients respecting the tradition but also looking for quality tools Made in Italy able to optimize their work.
Referring to the huge spread of the pinsa all' over the world Gi.Metal wanted to give its contribute by creating the Ideal peel to facilitate its preparation.
The peel for pinsa by Gi.Metal (item code AM-2340) made in anodized aluminum inable the pizzaiolo to slide the dough from the prep table onto the tool or to roll and stuff it directly on the peel.
The peel for the Pinsa Romana of resistant and facilitate the slide of the dough on the refractary oven but at the same time it's light and handy.

The peel head is structurally consisting of anodized aluminum with a central nerving that stiffen the tool when you lift it and together with the side nerving insure to support the loading of the heavy and big pies. Also the head handle junction (with 3 rivets in line) is studied to guarantee the highest resistence and no vibrations. The oval tubular handle facilitate stability and an optimal taking neverthless resulting light Thanks to the peculiar internal working. The size of the head is 9x16'' While the handle is available in different sizes 12'', 23,60'' or 47" 

pale per pinsa romana

An association to protect the Pinsa Romana

The association originale pinsa romana protecting the pinsa romana has the task to control the quality of the product pinsa, made in different locations so that all' the pinserias make the Real pinsa Romana respecting the right working protocol and all' its steps.

On the official website you can check The official protocol including all' the features and working steps to get the perfect product and all' the certified pinserias and pinsa makers.
Because the aim of the association is to protect the authenticity of the pinsa Romana from all' the points of view.

Gi.Metal supplies the right tool to do so.