Perforated tray - cutting board The multipurpose product that revolutionises how you serve

It’s a tray. It’s a cutting board. It’s much more: it’s an instrument that changes the quality of the product you serve, leaving the taste of the pizza/focaccia unchanged.

Pizza lets out heat when it is taken out of the oven, which transforms into vapour causing humidity: if placed on a non-perforated tray, the base moistens and loses taste and fragrance.

The new Gi.Metal rectangular tray-cutting board is designed to tackle this problem by means of the structural features that distinguish it:
→ the specific feet, they keep the base raised from the support surface and
→ the perforated surface, to discharge vapour and moisture.

These two features work together and are necessary to best preserve the quality of the pizza, focaccia or other dishes.

gimetal perforated trays

The perforated design is also made to easily suggest the direction for slicing,  making portioning easy and quick. 
The handles give you a safe and comfortable grip and their inclination is specifically designed to use the pizza wheel.
The same characteristics are featured in the round tray, suitable for regular pizzas, from 13'' to 19.7'' in diameter.


The tray has an exclusive design, the concentric holes follow the round shape and, together with the specific 0,39'' feet, allow to discharge vapour and moisture, keeping the taste and fragrance of the dish unchanged.

The shape is hexagonal/octagonal (depending on the size), the petal edges and the geometry of the holes are designed to easily suggest the slicing direction, allowing the pizza wheel to readily enter between one petal and another, slicing the pizza or focaccia in equal parts easily and quickly.


The round tray is available in 3 sizes, depending on the pizza placed on it: from 13'', 16.1'' to a maxi pizza of 19.7''.
The rectangular tray is available in 2 sizes: 15.75''x23.62'' (ideal for pizzas by the meter / pizza in pala) 9.84''x15.75 (ideal for pinsa romana / focaccia / other).

Both trays are made of aluminium, a hygienic material, easy to wash, unlike wood that releases significant bacterial loads, lasts long and weighs just a few grams.

They are multipurpose products, 100% Made in Italy, certified for food grade contact.



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