The new Gi.Metal advertising campaign has been revealed!

The payoff is “Gi.Metal is there” and it is inspired by the company’s values.


A series of four pictures, taken by celebrity Food Photographer

Lido Vannucchi highlighting the company’s new products and the vast range of products that has always distinguished the brand.

A campaign that conveys the company’s attitude to innovation, its mission, and sincere passion, in supporting pizza makers around the world in their daily challenges.




“Gi.Metal is there” is addressed directly to pizza makers and focuses the attention on their various stories thanks to various claims that apply based on the subject:

“Gi.Metal is there when you express your art with PASSION, when you choose to honour the TRADITION of your family, when you meticulously and carefully tend to the DETAILS that make you stand out, and lastly, also when you choose to follow new paths with the desire to INNOVATE.


The images introduce a new visual narrative for the brand, a curated and sophisticated feeling with a simple, fresh and immediate tone of voice.

The hands of the pizza maker are often the core, to showcase their skilled dexterity, the clear sign of a trade that is more a calling than a choice.

The campaign will be launched from the month of October 2022 and will apply to every market where “Gi.Metal is there…basically everywhere people eat pizza!


A NEW LOOK… for a new website!

The new advertising campaign is only a small part of the wake of new products launched by the Tuscan company, in fact the surprises at Gi.Metal don’t finish here.

Innovation has always been one of the company's’ driving forces and has always made it possible to grow and provide new solutions to respond to customer needs in the best possible way.

Innovation therefore also had to apply to one of the company’s most important touch points, i.e. the website, which has recently been completely renewed in terms of graphic design and updated with brand new content.


Visit Gi.Metal’s new website now!