Gi.Metal makes it Gold: the unique pizza peel that kills bacteria

The pizza peel is one of the symbolic tools that is traditionally associated with the pizza maker; here at Gi.Metal we like to say that "our peels have been designed to be the natural extension of the pizza maker's arm".

In addition to be a definition, this is truly one of our main objectives, so as to provide our pizza chefs friends, not only pizza peels, but also valid allies in their daily work.

The pizza peels most appreciated and sought-after peculiarities are lightness and resistance.
The pizza chef constantly prepares many pizzas a day, having a practical and handy tool at his disposal is highly important, so that to facilitate his work and not to tire him.



However, in addition to practicality and lightness, it is of fundamental importance that the pizza peel is highly resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean, a guarantee especially for customers who are offered a product that fully meets all cleanliness requirements.

To meet such important and specific needs, there is the exclusive Gold pizza peel, from the Gi.Metal’s Excellence line.

The Gold pizza peel differs from all the others because it is the only one to have the particular treatment of Japanese origin G.H.A., an anodic oxidation with subsequent addition of silver ions, which gives the instrument very high anti-mold and antibacterial performance, in addition to high heat resistance.

Laboratory tests carried out according to ISO 22196: 11 and JIS 2801 certifications: 10 have shown that the surface of the instruments treated with G.H.A is bactericidal, in other words, capable of destroying bacteria.


The benefits of the Gold pizza peel are not over; the innovative perforation allow to unload excess flour naturally and with exceptional results.

The Gold pizza peel has been designed to allow the pizza chef to use a highly technological tool, and at the same time practical and above all safe in terms of cleanliness.


Cleanliness. High antibacterial and anti-mold capacity

Heat resistance. 3 times greater than anodized aluminum

Duration. Greater resistance to corrosion, scratches, impacts and wear

Smoothness. Very low friction coefficient

Innovative perforation: optimized flour discharge

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