California Pizza Festival - 1st Edition

The first annual California Pizza Festival is coming !

Hosted at L.A. Center Studios in Downtown Los Angeles on July 28-29, the California Pizza Festival will feature unlimited pizza samples from some of the world’s best pizzaiolos.


Who are the pizzerias participating?

Let's start with two of the most italian renowned Neapolitan pizzerias: Da Michele, nearly 150 year old, is known for its appearance in Eat Pray Love, and Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, in business since 1738, is the oldest pizzeria from Naples.

In addition, savor the delicious offerings of some renowned L.A. pizza creators, including Beverly Hills’ Da Pasquale, Ray’s and Stark Bar, and the Humble Crust pizza truck, along with pizzas hailing from Curtarolo, Italy, Atlanta, Las Vegas (Naked City Pizza), Tucson (Fiamme Pizza) and more.

Also our ambassador, Chef Vito Iacopelli, with is “Prova Pizzeria” from West Hollywod will participate at the festival.

Gi.Metal USA will be the technical sponsor of the event !

Come and take part of the first ever unlimited sampling pizza festival in L.A.!

Ticket and more information at the official web site !

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