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Barrier to contain ember
Barrier to contain ember

Aluminum perforated round pizza peel ° 20┤┤ GHA, handle 71┤┤
Aluminum perforated round pizza peel ° 20┤┤ GHA, handle 71┤┤

Stainless steel oil can 1 Pint
Stainless steel oil can 1 Pint


Facts that make GI Metal the worlds best peels!

Q - Why use perforated pizza peels?
A - The perforated peel is designed to remove the excess fl our before sliding the pizza into the oven.
Your oven remains cleaner and your pizza doesn’t have a bitter taste.

Q - Are aluminium peels better than wooden ones?
A - Aluminium peels have a smooth surface that allows the pizza to be lifted from the prep table and slid it into the
oven. Aluminium peels are stronger, more fl exible and last much longer as they do not dry out like wood.
The engineered pattern of the head and the 3 rivets keeping it fi xed are guaranteed to last longer!

Q - How long does an aluminium peel last?
A - Our customers tell us that the GI Metal Azzura aluminium peels have an average life 18 to 24 months. Aminimum
amount of care is required!

Q - The handle is too long. Can I cut it?
A - No problem to cut the handle to shorten the length! Using a small metal (hack) saw to cut the handle to the
required length. The black cap at the end of the handle can be then be replaced.

Q - I prepare and toss the pizza on the wooden peel and then I slide it into the oven. Shall I do the same
with metal pizza peels?

A - The best method to make a Great pizza is to prepare it on the prep table and then to lift it up by using the peel
and slide it into the oven. This allows you to make several pizzas at the same time making your work easier and
faster. Demo is available on:

Q - I usually put my wooden peel on top of the oven. Is the metal one going to get hot?
A - If your oven is well insulated (this also avoids wasted energy), there are no problems with your metal peel. If
the outside of your oven is very hot, the peel gets very warm if put on top of the oven.
In our line there are a variety of peel holders such as AC-BSM or AC-CPM and AC-APL.

Q - What is the small peel for?
A - To assist with equal baking of your pizza, you must spin it while it’s in the oven. The small peels (I-xx series) are
exactly what you need. You may use the same small peel to remove the pizza from the oven once it is baked. The
small size of the peel compared to the size of the pizza is not a problem. Once the pizza is done baking it becomes
rigid and you can easily use the small peel as the tool to remove your pizza from the oven.

Q - Are the rivets strong enough? What is the material?

A - The rivets are made of aluminium with a plastic shell. They will not loosen with use of the peel.

Q - What the maximum temperature the plastic handles can stand?

A - 200°F is the maximum temperature the handles can resist. They CAN NOT be put into the oven! They will melt!
There is not a problem keeping the tools with plastic handles on top of the oven.


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